About the clinic

The Horní Počernice Eye Clinic forms the heart of our company. The building complex houses general ophthalmologic offices as well as specialized offices, namely retinal, glaucoma, child and strabologic offices, and orthoptic and pleoptic departments.  It also includes a renovated optician’s store.

In addition to standard ophthalmologic devices, the outpatient offices are equipped with A- and B-scan ultrasound, perimeter Humphrey, camera system documenting the anterior and posterior eye segments, an optical coherence tomograph, Nd-YAG laser and an endothelial microscope which was bought most recently. Our equipment also allows us to perform fluorescent angiography at regular intervals.

Besides outpatient care, we also perform anterior segment surgeries, i.e. cataract surgeries, and vitreoretinal surgeries. We are able to perform these surgeries to the highest possible level due to the most modern devices. These are namely the devices Constellation and LenSx. We also perform aesthetic surgeries including blepharoplasty, removal of skin tags and degenerative changes in the eye area as well as pterygium removal.

A separate chapter  is most certainly assumed by the branch of refractive surgery. We fully engage in laser surgery and surgeries involving lens exchange or implantation of phakic intraocular lenses, which allows us to satisfy clients of all age groups. We perform refractive laser surgeries with two first rate devices. These are the femtosecond VisuMax laser combined with the Mel 80 excimer laser, and the Intralase iFS which we bought later on and which has also gained the trust of the US Army and NASA. As the only clinic in the Czech Republic, we perform ReLEx-SMILE 3D laser surgeries. As a matter of course, before each surgery we perform diagnostic examinations using Wavefront and Pentacam devices. Surgery involving a lens exchange, either due to cataract or refractive reasons, are performed using the Constellation and LenSx devices indicated above. A wide range of superior lenses is available for our patients.

In 2012 we performed more than 1 700 cataract surgeries, more than 700 intraocular refractive surgeries and more than 1 100 laser corneal refractive surgeries from which 130 surgeries were performed using the most modern and the safest 3D laser ReLEx smile method.